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Our expert management of your fleet or warehouse operation will save you time and money, adding value to your customer’s experience.

Providing distribution arrangements tailored to your needs, we organise cost-effective solutions to manage your logistical requirements. Which leaves you with the time and energy to focus on sales.

Bespoke pallet distribution

For our higher volume customers, we are able to offer fixed term agreements, typically for 3-5 years. This option gives you your own vehicles and drivers, and a bespoke contract aligned to your needs. It also allows for plans to be made in advance for maximum efficiency.

Once we take on the contract, all of your deliveries will be made under your logo. You will have an assigned contract manager, and specific drivers employed to carry out your work. Yes, it’s a more expensive option, but you can be confident in our ability to deliver optimum results - it’s what we do best!

Every agreement starts with as many meetings as we both need to decide on details. The resulting contract will then be primed for us to work together, smoothly and effectively. During this time, we will share aims and ideas and do all of the necessary forward thinking for the best possible working relationship. Although this means a longer process for setting up, it also means you have a clear and comprehensive proposal of what we can offer, how it will work, and how much it will cost.

The vehicles used for your contract will always be yours alone. However, there are times when a full load will go out with nothing set to carry on the return journey. In this situation, we can aim to fill your vehicle with other goods in order to maximise the efficiency and impact of the journey. This would then allow for a rebate on your costs.

Our Process

  • Understand & Connect – Our approach is not a sales-driven process. You will spend time with our directors, all experts in their field, going through the details and requirements of your business. This allows us to gain a full understanding of your current methods of working and what drives your company. As a result, we feel and connect with what is important to your business.

  • Reprofile – We’ll always work with your existing data, in order to improve and maximise returns. By assimilating your volume profile and order patterns, we can use our software and planning tools to establish optimum solutions for moving forwards.

  • Create – Our favourite part! We present our solution to you. Every plan is specifically tailored towards satisfying all of your requirements. It also, of course, aims to save you money.

  • Go Live – We agree on timescales for implementation. Our experienced contracts team will ensure the seamless integration of Expect as your new contracted partner.

Expect Creativity – Expect The Best

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Other Services

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