Palletised Home Delivery

Palletised Home Delivery made easy

From the minute your customer places an order, to the minute it arrives at their door – we’ve got you covered with our palletised home delivery service.


Making home delivery look simple

No matter how small or large your palletised consignment is, Expect Distribution has the capacity and capability to deliver your domestic palletised goods directly to a residential address.

When your customers purchase your products online, they naturally want to receive them as soon as possible and communication is key throughout the process.

We know that handling queries and dealing with delivery updates is time consuming. Our software solutions help you to communicate in an effective and timely way with your customers, reducing your own admin time and allowing you to do what you are best at, growing your business.


Growing e-commerce sector

With the growth of the e-commerce sector, many more products lend themselves to palletised distribution, such as bathrooms, woodburning stoves, aggregates and more.

We can warehouse everything for you, providing complete order fulfilment:

  • Bulk stock receipt
  • System integration
  • Order picking
  • Palletisation
  • Dispatch
  • Delivery
  • Full end-to-end service

As a member of the Palletline network we handle the final mile delivery for you, preparing your orders and delivering them to residential addresses, cost-effectively.

With years of award-winning service in B2B palletised distribution, we’ve now perfected palletised B2C shipments. And demand for this type of service is growing with 15% of our operations now focused on B2C palletised distribution and growing every day.

Once your customer order is placed, you can choose to provide notifications either by email or SMS and, with real time information from our portal, you will also be in touch every step of the way.

  • Your customer will receive a text or email with a delivery date.
  • On the day of delivery, they’ll receive a message with a 2-hour delivery window, this is also available on your system portal.
  • 30 minutes before delivery our driver will call your customer to let them know that their delivery is imminent.
  • The palletised good(s) are offloaded by tail-lift and delivered as near to your customer's door as possible.


What we deliver

We can deliver any product that fits on a pallet, and for heavier products, we provide our delivery driver with a power assisted pump truck with safety always in mind.


The benefits

  • Visibility throughout the process via our online portal.
  • High levels of communication direct to your customer reducing your own involvement.
  • Safeguarding your product – palletised transportation reduces damage risk.
  • Sustainable – we can take the empty pallets away and reuse them.
  • Excellence in customer care.


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