Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution

Expect Distribution has invested heavily over the past 10 years within its resources , infrastructure and fleet in developing its specialist new services, our Pharma team having over 30 years’ experience of dealing with pharma products both from a storage and distribution perspective.

That's why we can bring you so much extra value, allowing you to deliver strategic competitive advantage rather than simply being an unavoidable operational cost. Our solutions which are quality driven range over storage and delivery of finished healthcare products and devices to retailers and in-market distributors for both human and animal medicinal products.

Whether modelling and executing complex solutions or providing simple regional operations, we have the logistics and industry expertise to support healthcare supply to the retail and wholesale sector across the UK with pallet and consignments dealt daily.

Quality Management

A major integral support factor to our Storage, Supply and Distribution processes is our Quality Management System which works consistently with our licenced standards. Expect are fully licenced by MHRA with Wholesale Distribution Authorisation and (Human) and WDA (Veterinary) licences. Currently our accredited licences apply to our fully secured 24hr surveillance/CCTV Head Office Premier Point site. In total, we have three sites extending to over 500,000 sq ft and housing 60,000 pallets.

Dedicated Pharma Team

We have an onsite dedicated Responsible Person on site supported by other members of the team trained to gold standard. They are directly involved with the MHRA/Wholesale Dealers Qualified Person and Veterinary Medicines Authorisation and is the main point of contact for our regular inspections by our customers and inspectors of our storage, distribution and dedicated employees. All the dedicated Pharmaceutical team are trained accordingly and their training schedules are documented in our Quality Management system. Should a deviation occur, this will be recorded and correction/prevention implemented as per our Change Control process.

Temperature Controlled Services

We provide accurately monitored temperature controlled services, across our Pharma storage and delivery vehicles, delivering finished medicines to destination in perfect condition. First, we identify your needs as we know each customer has specific requirements for handling their pharma, veterinary and human medicine. After putting together a thorough analysis of your business we design a solution tailored to your needs. We develop these bespoke solutions, using proven procedures that are integrated in our quality management system and described in standard operating procedures (SOPs), to protect the integrity of your pharmaceutical products in transit.

Our Pharma investment includes dedicated and managed fleets with temperature-control capabilities. These controlled temperature facilities allow us to offer warehouse capacity for a range of human and veterinary medicine. Should you have products products less sensitive to temperature variations, we utilise our trusted Palletline network/courier services. All inventory is recorded and controlled by our warehouse management system and this tracks stocks from receipt to dispatch of goods and records all relevant information such as receipt of goods from supplier, batch details, exp dates, internal movements and despatch of goods. All products are checked using RF scanners and barcodes within the warehouse environment on both inventory and storage areas.

Real time traffic management

Our traffic management system allows real time tracking of goods that have left for delivery to customers. All deliveries are planned and tracked using specialist planning and telematics software. Vehicles are fitted with enhanced hardware that can offer updates in minutes on deliveries and provide optimal route plan to drivers using live traffic to reduce down time. Drivers are furnished with the latest devices that have constant communications with the traffic office, ensuring complete continuity and ensuring control of the products and regulated temperatures at all times. As well as this, alarms also trigger to our offices if temperature starts to deviate so proactive steps can be taken to ensure the medicine temperature does not deviate.


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Other Services

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