Our History

We are extremely proud of our heritage and journey. Whilst continuing to grow, we have maintained the same messages at our core. We provide exceptional service, foster strong relationships, and cultivate business growth.

Take a look at our milestone moments, from Pennine Parcels to a multi award winning transport and logistics provider - Expect Distribution.


Robert Rushworth founded Pennine Parcels and started its journey with just 4 vehicles, including 2 vans, laying the foundation for what would become Expect Distribution.

Pennine Parcels Vehicle

Joining Palletline

Pennine Parcels becomes a founding member of the first ever pallet network, Palletline, a pivotal moment shaping the company’s palletised distribution approach. Robert Rushworth had been on the Palletline board from the beginning and was part of making the network equally renowned for being the best quality network owned by it’s members.

joining palletline

Strategic Shift

In 1997, the company made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on palletised distribution, discontinuing parcel consignments and specialising in the transport and logistics sector.

Strategic Shift

Milestone Achievement

Pennine Parcels celebrates a significant milestone by inputting it’s one-millionth pallet into Palletline’s network, solidifying its position as the largest inputting member.



The company undergoes a rebrand and emerges as Expect Distribution. Expect was born to focus on pallet delivery, whilst expanding its transport and logistics offering for the future. The rebrand marked a turning point and a new era, emphasising the company's focus on palletised distribution and expanding its transport and logistics offerings. Soon after the launch came our strapline ‘People who know, come to expect’. This was the moment that the business truly took off.

expect blue bg

First of Many Awards

Expect Distribution is honoured with the prestigious Motor Transport Haulier of the Year award, marking a historic achievement as the first Yorkshire-based company to receive this accolade.


New Headquarters

Moving into Premier Point, a new headquarters, allows the company to expand its Warehousing Division.


Leadership Transition

Neil Rushworth assumes the role of Managing Director, steering the company towards continued success.


Financial Milestone

Expect Distribution surpasses the £20 million mark, signifying remarkable growth.

Financial Milestone

Infrastructure Expansion

Premier Point grows by 2.5 acres, accommodating a new lorry park to support the expanding operations.


Warehouse Expansion

The company opens its largest site, Woodlands, a 200,000 sqft facility, expanding the Warehousing division once again.


Workforce and Financial Growth

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Expect Distribution achieved a trading value exceeding £30 million in 2020 with over 300 employees. This marked a key milestone for the business which achieved record highs of trading in the face of adversity.

Resilience and Recognition

Keyworkers play a crucial role during the pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted service. The company wins the MTA Haulier of the Year for the third time and the Bradford Means Business Employer of the Year award.


Management by Out

Matthew Kilner and Andy Taylor purchase a majority shareholding in a Management Buy Out of Expect, signalling a new chapter in the company’s ownership.


Infrastruture Investment

A £1 million investment in High Bay racking at the FGH site creates an additional 22,000 spaces, fostering continued expansion.


Robert's Retirement

Founder Robert Rushworth retires after 35 years, leaving behind a legacy of growth and success.


Group Expansion

Expect Distribution acquire Pallet Plus in Colchester, bringing a further 80 colleagues and 40 vehicles onboard its group of companies.

Group Expansion

Neil's Retirement

After 34 years of dedicated service, Neil Rushworth stepped down as an Executive Director, and Bob Duffy took his place, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for Expect Distribution.

Retirement 2023

An Exciting Future

Expect kicks off 2024 with over 430 colleagues, over 130 strong fleet across the Expect Group and 70,000 pallet spaces and 530,000 sqft of storage across our Bradford sites.



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