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Four Years of FORS - Expect Distribution Retains FORS Accreditation for a Fourth Year

We are thrilled to announce that Expect Distribution has successfully retained its FORS accreditation for 2024 following our recent audit. Since 2021, Expect Distribution has been a proud holder of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Bronze accreditation. This accreditation is given to fleet operators following the FORS highest safety, efficiency, and environmental protection standards within the logistics industry.

As a business we take pride in the retention of this accreditation. Transport and logistics operations comes with a percentage of risk of incidents on the road, but we ensure as a business we do everything in our power to reduce this risk through rigorous driver training and safety measures. To be recognised for this by FORS is something that we value deeply.

What is the FORS Standard?

The FORS Standard ensures fleet operators adhere to best practices across Management, Driver, Vehicle, and Operations. Management includes policy updates, staff training, and effective complaint handling. Drivers undergo regular license checks, adhere to the Highway Code, receive training, and have monitored work hours. Vehicle must undergo comprehensive maintenance, insurance, and safety features like side-under-run protection. Operations must ensure efficient vehicle deployment, adherence to specified routes, and proper handling of specialist goods. This comprehensive approach promotes safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in fleet operations which aligns with our approach.

We are committed to good practises

We are deeply committed to maintaining our core set of values. We have seven values that drive everything we aim to achieve. Honesty, integrity, accountability, profitability, team-work, excellence and adaptability. Ensuring our colleagues remain safe on the road through following the highest road safety standards fits into this. Our drivers work hard to ensure that our service is excellent every time, acting with integrity on the road and maintaining our high level, profitable service. Four years of FORS is a testament to this. We are thrilled for this opportunity to thank and celebrate their dedication to achieving FORS once again.

Andy Hague, Head of Transport comments on this latest year of FORS retention, “Maintaining our FORS accreditation for a fourth consecutive year is something that always has been, and always will be important to us. We remain committed to delivering the very best logistics service whilst ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability responsibilities are upheld.”

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