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Expect Distribution Have Been Awarded the Palletline Health & Safety Award

In the world of logistics and supply chain management, few things are as important as the commitment to health and safety. It's not just about moving goods from point A to point B but ensuring that the entire process is carried out with utmost care and responsibility. This commitment to excellence is precisely what we, one of the founder shareholding members of Palletline, have demonstrated year after year. And now, our dedication has been recognised with the prestigious Palletline Health & Safety Award for this year.

We are extremely proud to have been voted by our peers, the other shareholding members who embody the Palletline network for this award. This recognition speaks volumes about Expect Distribution’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of health and safety.

On a daily basis, Expect consistently overcome a multitude of high risk hazards whilst running such a large scale operation which sees the sizeable fleet delivering up to 1 tonne pallets to commercial properties, high street businesses and residential addresses alike, it is imperative to ensure Health and Safety remains the key focus and priority.

“It’s wonderful for the Business to be recognised yet again for its Health, Safety and wellbeing achievements.

Paul Maycock, our Health and Safety Training Manager, alongside our wider Management Team, and most importantly our Employees; work tirelessly to make sure our operation is a safe environment for all to work in.

It can sometimes be difficult to show through statistics just how much our health and safety culture is evolving, but it can be seen and felt within the company.

We feel that the improvement in attitude towards health and safety can mainly be attributed to our employees knowing that we listen to their concerns, and we act on them.”

Kevin Barnes, Head of Health, Safety and Facilities

Did you know that we have also recently won the RoSPA Gold Award for Health & Safety for the 8th consecutive year? Read about it here.

Photo 1: Andy Taylor

Photo 2: Paul Maycock (left) Health & Safety Manager and Kevin Barnes (right) Head of Health, Safety & Facilities

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