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Expect commence volunteer days in the local community

Employees at Expect Distribution are entitled to 1 paid day off work to volunteer in the local community and this was kicked off last week by Facilities and Maintenance Supervisor, Andrew Howard and Palletline Assistant, Steph Gibson, as they both spent the day helping to sort through huge piles of donations for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice shops.

The day started at 9am with a short induction, including Health and Safety procedures and a tour of the warehouse, before being shown to their individual work stations.

After donations had been quarantined for 72 hours, due to the current Covid restrictions, the donations were all placed in a large pile for the volunteers to take to their own work stations to sort into groups ready to sell at the shops.

Andrew commented “It was a great feeling being able to help the hospice and I would definitely do it again, it was good seeing the amount of donations at the beginning of the day and the pile decreasing as we sorted through everything. I really feel like we had impacted on the work that the hospice do later down the line”

Steph added “I really enjoyed the day and felt it was therapeutic to see the amount of donations in the large pile decrease as we worked through the day, I have some holidays coming up shortly and I have arranged to go back again. A lot of the volunteers were older people, which is understandable as they will have more free time, so it’s great that Expect allow us a paid day off to experience helping out in our local community”

Expect Distribution continues to look for local volunteer opportunities, which are then advertised to the team and dates arranged for those that are interested in taking part.

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