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Employee Award winners 2022

Expect Distribution recognition for our team - Employee Awards 2022

Throughout the year, Expect issue awards/recognition vouchers to our employees voted by their colleagues and the Senior team.

Employee appreciation is a fundamental human need. When employees feel appreciated and recognised for their individual contributions they will be more connected to their work, their team, and a company as a whole.

We’re all familiar with the benefits of employee recognition. At Expect we know when employees feel valued, they’re more engaged, motivated, and likely to go the extra mile for the company.

We recently held our annual Employee Awards and it was a delight all round to be able to give recognition to those who keep our business great.

We wanted to share our thanks to the Expect team for doing what they do and doing it so wonderfully well.

Congratulations to our team!

Andy Dean
Ruth Curtis-Gregory
Amelia Williams
Richard Robson
Charlie Sutcliffe
Sophie Metcalf MCIPD, FLPI
Joanne Binns
Kieran Clarke
Stuart McDonald
Steve Hunt
Mick Dillon
Gemma Newman
James Davies
James Fairhurst

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