Healthpoint Ltd

As a growing business we recognised that we had outgrown our then warehouse and logistics provider and started a thorough review of available business that met our high list of requirements.  We needed to ensure that our new partner was not only able to meet our growth targets but also provide assurance that our regulated products were stored and transported in accordance with the relevant regulations. We decided to partner with Expect Distribution for a number of reasons:

  • The quality of warehousing facility
  • The quality of the logistics operation
  • Their desire to move along the growth path with us
  • Their desire to ensure that the licencing regulations of MHRA were met and relevant approvals were secured, which was all new to them
  • But most importantly they wanted to partner with us and not be a supplier

The logistics of moving the large number of pallets over 80 miles was significant but throughout the process ideas were shared to the extent that we moved 2,000 pallets so efficiently, over a short period of time, that there was no impact whatsoever to our customer deliveries. Thereafter we have significantly grown both our pallet count and no of deliveries and Expect have met that demand head on, ensuring that orders are picked correctly and delivered on time. Delivery on time is at the forefront of all our service requirements and pleasingly our average is over 99% delivered on time. We deliver when we say we will!

Our working relationship is open and honest and this ensures that we are able to address any issues immediately with access to all levels of management if required.

The decision to move warehouse was one of the biggest decisions we have ever made, but undoubtedly it was the best decision we have made. We have benefitted from having a “fit for purpose” warehouse, with improved internal efficiencies, improved delivery KPIs and a partner who wants to work with us.

I would highly recommend Expect Distribution to anyone who is looking for Warehouse and Logistics provider.